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Volume 17.2 - Landscape – Seascape – Skyscape

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Fabio Silva Editorial
Daniel Brown The Experience of Watching: Place Defined by the Trinity of Land-, Sea-, and Skyscape
Pamela Armstrong Skyscapes of the Mesolithic/Neolithic Transition in Western England
Olwyn Pritchard North as a Sacred Direction? Traces of a Prehistoric North-South Route Across Pembrokeshire
Tore Lomsdalen The Islandscape of the Megalithic Temple Structures of Prehistoric Malta
Fernando Pimenta, Nuno Ribeiro,
Anabela Joaquinito, António Félix Rodrigues, Antonieta Costa and Fabio Silva
Land, Sea and Skyscape: Two Case Studies of Man-made Structures in the Azores Islands
Book Reviews The Idea of Order: The Circular Archetype in Prehistoric Europe by Richard Bradley, reviewed by Liz Henty
  Stonehenge: Exploring The Greatest Stone Age Mystery By Mike Parker Pearson, reviewed by Lionel Sims