Current Issue

Volume 16 (1 & 2)

Publication: 28 June 2014

This special issue contains forty papers from the 2010 INSAP conference in Bath.


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Table of Contents

Author Title
Nicholas Campion Editorial: The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena
Chris Impey The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena
Ulisses Barres de Almeida What are these sparks of infinite clarity? And what am I? So I pry.
  Bath and the Herschels
Michael Hoskin William Herschel’s Wonderful Decade, 1781–1790
Francis Ring The Bath Philosophical Society and its influence on William Herschel’s career
Roberta J.M. Olson and Jay M. Pasachoff The Comets of Caroline Herschel, Sleuth of the Skies at Slough
  History and Culture
V.F. Polcaro and A. Martocchia Guidelines for a social history of Astronomy
Euan MacKie A new look at the astronomy and geometry of Stonehenge
Leonid Marsadolov Archaeoastronomical Aspects of the Archaeological Monuments of Siberia
Christian Etheridge A systematic re-evaluation of the sources of Old Norse astronomy.
Aidan Foster Hierophanies in the Vinland Sagas: Images of a New World
Inga Elmqvist Söderlund Inspiration from antique heroic deeds: Hercules as an astronomer
Patricia Aakhus Astral Magic and Adelard of Bath’s Liber Prestigiorum; or Why Werewolves Change at the Full Moon
David Pankenier Astrology for an Empire: The 'Treatise on the Celestial Offices' (ca. 100 BCE)
Steven Renshaw The Inspiration of Subaru as a Symbol of Values and Traditions in Japan
Daniel Armstrong Citing The Saucers: Astronomy, UFOs and a persistence of vision
Alberto Cappi The concept of gravity before Newton
Paul Murdin Artilleryman to head of state - how astronomy inspired Francois Arago
Paolo Molaro and Alberto Cappi Edgar Allan Poe’s cosmology in Eureka
Voula Saridakis For ‘the present and future happiness of my dear Pupils’”: The Astronomical and Educational Legacy of Margaret Bryan
Michael Rowan–Robinson The invisible universe
  The Arts
Arnold Wolfendale The Inter-Relation of the Visual Arts and Science in General and Astronomy in Particular
Lynda Harris Changing Images of the Milky Way during the Greco-Roman and Medieval Periods

Lucia Ayala The Universe in images: Iconography of the Plurality of Worlds
Tayra M. Carmen Lanuza-Navarro Astrological culture before its public: the representation of astrology in Golden Age Spanish Theatre
Emily Urban Depicting the Heavens: The Use of Astrology in the Frescoes of Rome
Michael Mendillo The Artistic Portrayal of the Medicean Moons in Early Astronomical Charts, Books and Paintings.
Rolf Sinclair Howard Russell Butler: Painter Extraordinary of Solar Eclipses
Beatriz Garcia, Estela Reynoso, Silvina Pérez Alvarez and Rubén Gabellone Inspiration of Astronomy in the movies: a history of a close encounter
Gary Wells The Moon in the Landscape: Interpreting a Theme of 19th Century Art
Clive Davenhall The Space Art of Scriven Bolton
Matthew Whitehouse Astronomical Organ Music
Aaron Plasek Between Scientists, Writers and Artists: Theorising and Critiquing Knowledge-Production at the Interstices between Disciplines
Merja Markkula The Way I See the Stars: fibre art inspired by astrobiology
Govinda Sah Beyond the Notion
Gisela Weimann Above all the stars
Courtney Wrenn Nebulae (emission / absorption)
Toby MacLennan Presentation of Playing the Stars
Felicity Spear Extending vision: sky-situated knowledge and the artist’s eye.
Vanessa Stanley Surveillance-Surveillance-Surveillance
Jim Cogswell Molecular Delirium