Volume 10 - Special Double Issue

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Editor: Nick Campion

Guest Editor: Lucia Dolce

Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter 2006

Special Double Issue: The Worship of Stars in Japanese Relgious Practice

Nick Campion


Lucia Dolce

Introduction: The Worship of Celestial bodies in Japan: Politics, Rituals and Icons

Lucia Dolce

The State of the Field: A Basic Bibliography on Astrological Cultic Practices in Japan

Hayashi Makoto

The Tokugawa Shoguns and Onmyodo

John Breen

Inside Tokugawa Religion: Stars, Planets and the Calendar-as-method

Mark Teeuwen

The Imperial Shrines of Ise: An Ancient Star Cult?

Lilla Russell-Smith

Stars and Planets in Chinese and Central Asian Buddhist Art from the Ninth to the Fifteenth Centuries

Matsumoto Ikuyo

Two Medieval Manuscripts on the Worship of the Stars from the Fujii Eikan Collection

Tsuda Tetsuei

The Images of Stars and Their Significance in Japanese Esoteric Buddhist Art

Meri Arichi

Seven Stars of Heaven and Seven Shrines on Earth: The Big Dipper and the Hie Shrin in the Medieval Period

Gaynor Sekimori

Star Rituals and Nikko Shugendo